The importance of LED technology in projectors

Do you remember when projectors used to be bulky, expensive and hot? Well, the emergence of LED technology brought about a change and they became lightweight and cool to touch. However, it should be noted that they did remain very costly for a certain time period until the prices started to drop considerably. Today, these multimedia projectors are progressively popular, whether you use them at your office or in the comfort of your home. Furthermore, the development of new drones such as the camera drone has been filled with smart LED technology as well.


This type of technology is responsible for providing punchy colors and top-quality images. Therefore, you may enjoy watching TV, movies, or play games in cinematic quality. In general, projectors which use these light sources have some big advantages over traditional projectors. Firstly, they are brighter than traditional lamps. This means you can use them to deliver presentations in rooms with more ambient light.

Secondly, they will last far longer than older ones. You don’t have to spend time on maintenance, and deal with costly lamp replacement. On top of that, these projectors are environmentally friendly since they use less power to run, thus cutting down on electricity bills.

LED-based projectors have also made a reputation for themselves in the business and education sector. So, if you need a projector for a small business, or for school, you don’t need to go out of your way and buy expensive projectors, especially if you need to present in front of a small group of people. Thus, the pico projector, the pocket projector will be able to serve you well. On the other hand, an HD projector will enable you to experience a real home theater. It is perfect for gaming, watching movies and sharing photos.

Projection subgroups

The above-mentioned HD projector lets you enjoy movie-quality pictures at your home. This movie projector is also suitable for gamers or business users. Furthermore, the highly portable mini LED projector, pico projector or pocket projector can be easily connected with your Smartphone and other similar devices. As such, these are perfect when you need to pitch a sales presentation or just share a movie on your holiday.

Some of these portable projectors have DVD players built-in and wireless connectivity. In addition to this, they offer USB ports, HDMI and USB ports. However, the pico projector, pocket projector, and mini LED projector actually come with a mini HDMI port.

Everyday Use

If you want to avoid buying an expensive big-screen TV, you can avoid this by choosing an LED-based projector and watching TV, movies, playing games and sharing photos. You may enjoy vibrant colors, crisp picture, and even bigger picture than the largest TVs and after the movie has finished, you can just pack the projector away and get your wall back.

On the other hand, if you need to go on a camping trip, don’t let the rain stop you from having fun! This is where the tiniest projectors come into play! The pocket projector and the pico projector act as a sort of a mini LED projector for iPhone. Since these types of projectors are small enough to fit in your hand, you can easily take them with you on your camping trip and use them to project a movie onto the inside of the tent. They can run on their own batteries or your phone and have their own speakers.

Projector Features

A portable projector is easily hooked up to your computer using an HDMI cable. Some LED projectors come with SD card readers, USB drives etc. This allows users to watch movies and slideshows without needing to connect to another device. The newest models also have wireless connectivity and Bluetooth features which let you share data without bothering with cables.

The most important features of LED projectors are the brightness, the contrast ratio, and native resolution. All of these have a direct impact on the general quality of the picture, the colors and the image size which can be projected on a screen or wall. An average lamp life of this type of projector is about 20.000 hours.

Final words

All things considered, you won’t go wrong with LED-projectors and you can expect to see improved picture quality in the future as new portable projectors come out with greater contrast ratio and native resolution.

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