The rise to prominence of small-sized projectors

In the past, projectors used to be these heavy devices your teacher used in order to share slides with the class. But, all that changed when a new class of smaller and smarter devices emerged. Ever since the appearance of the Smartphone, all electronic devices are striving to become even smarter with each passing day. Take the night vision security camera for instance. It can record clear video even in utmost darkness. Therefore, most new gadgets can take on multiple tasks at once and come with more functions than you would expect.

Nowadays, portable projectors have become popular due to their ability to project movies, photos and presentations relatively easy. These differ in sizes, ranging from a mini projector to tiny pico projector or pocket projector. Furthermore, they come with a wide variety of features that make them ideal for movie enthusiasts and traveling businessmen.

As the name suggests, a portable projector is designed to be carried around and not be mounted on a wall or ceiling. This, in turn, leads to a lot of benefits such as rechargeable battery and the ability to deliver a presentation anywhere you want as they can project onto a portable projector screen or any flat surface. These lightweight projectors come in convenient dimensions and are small enough to fit into your pocket, purse or laptop bag. You may choose a mini LED projector which has a higher level of brightness and you may use it with a portable screen for outdoor presentations.

The Mini Multimedia Projector

This small projector can project sharp images which are 60″ to 100″ wide which makes it ideal for corporate presentations as well. In addition, it’s a great tool for any sales and marketing team as it can be easily transported and used to effectively show presentations to a small group. With this smart mini LED projector you can also use wireless keyboard and mouse. And although many people believe you need a completely dark room for this projector, it’s not true. In fact, there are pico projectors which can produce from 15 to 240 lumens.

Projector For Pocket

The pocket projector is another small projector typically used for office presentations or watching movies. Even though it often weighs no more than a mobile phone, this projector can connect to different forms of devices such as smartphones, cameras, DVD players and laptop computers. Some of these projectors can store an extremely large amount of data like music files, video files, and images. If you want to get the most out of the pocket projector, you should opt for one with a long lamp life. Most of these projectors contain an LED light source that provides more than 20.000 hours.

The Tiniest Projector

The pico projector, the last small projector on this list, is a handheld projector which allows you to share videos and photos with a larger group of people at the same time. It’s a device which can also be hooked up to mobile phones, cameras, laptops, video cameras etc. Furthermore, the projector comes with five types: USB, embedded, stand-alone, media player, and laser pico projector. Also, there are three major technologies: LCoS, DLP, and Laser-beam-steering (LBS).

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