The three main categories of projectors

Projectors are devices designed to display huge images without taking up too much room.  They are ideal for displaying an important business presentation or the latest blockbuster. And as you can imagine, today there’s a myriad of projector models, from a large to a small projector, with different features and specifications. Apart from projectors, there’s another gadget which is highly sought-after at the moment.  So, if you want to find the right projector for you, read on below and find out all about the best and most popular types.

Projectors are usually divided into three categories: business, home cinema, and portable. Home projectors are usually not as bright as office models since they’re primarily used in a darkened room. Furthermore, all of these use three projection technologies: LCD, DLP and LED.

LCD projectors are typically larger and more likely to have lens-shift than DLP models. These, on the other hand, are equipped with better contrast and lively colors, but fall victim to the rainbow effect where the three components of color (red, blue and green) start to become visible.  This is especially noticeable in high-contrast or black-and-white images. Recently, LED technology has led to projectors becoming more affordable. As such, they are becoming more and more popular both for office and home use. Some LED-based projectors which stand out nowadays are the mini projector and the mobile projector.

Business Projectors

If you want to choose a projector for business use, you should opt for a portable projector or a smaller fixed projector. For example, small projectors like pico projector and pocket projector can easily accommodate slides and charts for business projections. Whatever you choose, make sure the lamp is bright enough. Under normal lighting, you’ll need a projector which produces 2000-3000 lumens. However have in mind that if there’s any sunlight in the room, you may need a brighter model. Always remember that the brightness will drop as you increase the size of the image.

Home Cinema Projectors

Cheaper projectors designed for home use tend to have a 720p resolution (1280 x 720), which is definitely good enough. However, if you want to watch Blu-ray movies on a big screen, you will notice that extra detail produced by a full HD 1080p projector.

If you can’t mount your projector square on to your screen, look for a model with a lens shift. This will allow you to move the lens physically and shift the image horizontally or vertically which means you can place the projector off-center. Most projectors also come with zoom, which grants more flexibility to place this device closer or further away from your screen. If you plan to use it in a small room, you should opt for a short-throw projector as it will produce quite a large image from a short distance.

Portable Projectors

A lightweight and small projectors like the pico projector, pocket projector or the mini LED projector may be tempting due to being portable. These often use white LEDs for a bulb, which makes them cooler-running. However, don’t forget that the light output with these projectors is much less than standard models. Simply put, they can be used either in very dark rooms or at short range. The pocket projector produces more brightness than the pico projector. The mobile projector is dimmer than a TV screen or at least 10 times dimmer than regular home projectors. Some models reach 200 lumens when plugged in. However, the mini LED projector is brighter and larger than all of them.

Bottom Line

All in all, if you want to get the best projector, you can choose between home cinema, business, and portable projector, depending on specifications such as quality, color accuracy, sharpness, and contrast.


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